Safety Programs

Arctech is committed to a safe work environment. Below you will find some of the ways we try to achieve safety in our workplace.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee promotes interaction on safety and health matters between Arctech's management/supervisors and employees. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Everyone at Arctech is a member of the Safety Committee.

Drug Free Workplace Policy

A Drug-Free Workplace Policy establishes clear guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable employee behavior for everyone in the workplace. Arctech is currently enrolled at Level 3 of the BWC's Drug Free Program.

Machine Specific Instructions (MSI)

Machine Specific Instructions (MSIs) identify do's and don'ts of normal safe operation as well as potential hazards to be aware of before operating equipment/machines. Arctech's MSI process includes a schedule to develop MSIs on all equipment/machine at Arctech. MSIs are reviewed regularly.

On-site Forklift Instructor

A certified forklift instructor is on-site to train and evaluate employees on a continuing basis.

Safety Council

Arctech is a member of the Springfield/Clark County Safety Council.

Transitional Work Program

The TWP represents a process to minimize the impact of a work-related injury, illness, or disability on the employee's capacity to work safely and productively. Arctech's TWP was established in 2003.

Safety Record

Arctech continues to be a safe workplace.  Our people have kept our plant safe via their monthly inspections and watchful eye.